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tableau 2 sneak preview

There are so many new features in tableau 2 it’s hard to describe them all. It’s gone from being a pretty basic and ugly table editor to something that could be suitable for all sorts of applications and, dare I say it, it looks a bit nicer too. Here are some screenshots.

Main table view (this one only has a couple of rows to keep the image small).
Tableau 2 Main table view

Most of the configuration that used to require editing per-table configuration files, can now be done within the program. This screen shows configuring sort order and splitting. These will also be configurable as a per-user preference.
Tableau 2 Sorting & Splitting configuration Screen

You can now modify columns on an existing table. There are many more field types available, and you can set fields to be hidden, or “folded” (not shown in the main table view, but editable).
Tableau 2 Modify Columns screen

Here’s part of the edit screen, showing how different fieldtypes are presented appropriately to their type as eg radio buttons, selection boxes etc.
Tableau 2 Edit Row screen