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cssmerge 1.15 released

Apologies for the download link being broken for a while. For some reason, anything with a .pl suffix doesn’t work at my new hosting provider. Fixed now.

A new version of cssmerge is available. Download, rename it to cssmerge, and run with perl cssmerge (or make it executable and put it somewhere in your PATH).

There are several major changes since the last release.

First of all, it has been rewritten to use CSS::Tiny instead of the rather heavyweight and buggy CSS. So please ensure you have CSS::Tiny installed.

A new option --regex allows you to search for selectors or properties using Perl regular expression syntax.

Meanwhile the mechanism used by the default search method (when neither --regex nor --exact is specified) is now more precisely specified. It differs according to whether you’re searching for selectors or properties, so that most of the time it should just Do The Right Thing.

For example, cssmerge --selector a will return all codeblocks relating to the element <a> (including li ul, a:hover etc), but not the element <abbr> nor any class .a or ID #a. To search for classes, ID or pseudos, simply include the appropriate sigil in your search, ie --selector .class, --selector '#id', --selector :hover. Note the quotes in the second example there; some shells will otherwise ignore anything following a hash sign.

cssmerge --property font will search not just for the font property but also font-family, font-size etc… which is almost certainly what you want. If it isn’t, of course, you can use --exact or --regex 🙂

There is also support for escaped characters in identifiers, per the CSS 2.1 spec.

Your feedback is always welcome. Please feel free to add a comment to this post, or send email to the address on the About page.

cssmerge 1.12 released

v1.12 of cssmerge has now been released. The main change is to fix the --exact option that was broken in v1.10. This option is not normally useful anyway, but I thought I might as well fix it.

Download here.

I’ve also changed the licensing to just GPL, as I’m not convinced about using Artistic on scripts (as opposed to modules).

xex 1.3 released

xex is a small and simple program launcher for X, written in Perl-Gtk2.

Screenshot of xex 1.3

If you find yourself frequently loading up an xterm just to run one X command, you may find this useful. Unlike all the other similar programs I could find, it aims to have the minimum necessary feature set (ie, a history list), and occupy the minimum amount of screen estate possible (while still being readable).

Version 1.3 is the first public release, under the GNU GPL. Download xex 1.3.

tableau 2 sneak preview

There are so many new features in tableau 2 it’s hard to describe them all. It’s gone from being a pretty basic and ugly table editor to something that could be suitable for all sorts of applications and, dare I say it, it looks a bit nicer too. Here are some screenshots. Read the rest of this entry »

Obsolete Projects

The following projects have been retired because they are obsolete, insecure, unmaintainable or otherwise embarassing :-

associate peer association mapper bad code
countrom Roman Numeral webpage counter insecure, pointless
make_bg Gradient fill wallpaper generator Requires non-free software. May rewrite at some point.

New look for this site

If you’ve visited before, you may notice things look a bit different now. I’ve retired my old hand-crafted HTML in favour of some blog software (namely WordPress), primarily to make it easier for you to keep up with new releases by using the RSS/Atom feeds.

If you hate the colour scheme, don’t worry, I’ll be providing a way to change it shortly… I’m a programmer, I like black.

cssmerge 1.10 released

cssmerge is a commandline utility which extracts selected blocks of CSS from multiple input files and merges them into a single coherent output, with optional comments on where they came from, and warnings about conflicting styles. v1.10 is the first public release.

It is written in Perl 5 and requires the CSS module from CPAN. Other than that, it’s just a simple perl script; download it, rename it if you want, and run it. The license terms are the same as for Perl itself. Documentation is in POD format within the script.

Download cssmerge 1.10.

I welcome your feedback; please leave a comment here or email

New version of tableau coming soon

Version 2 of tableau will be released soon. I just want to get this blog vaguely set up first.